Trump Is Tempting Fate on Gag Orders

Aaron Blake: “It’s tough to think about a extra flamable combination than Donald Trump and a gag order. Even with Trump’s freedom on the road, that mixture is smoldering once more.”

“After violating gag orders on at the very least two and arguably three earlier events — and after a decide this week employed a novel tactic to get him to cease — Trump is flouting his newest one. He’s doing so in a method that reinforces simply how a lot latitude he’s been given, and simply how untenable that latitude could be as his numerous circumstances proceed.”

“The faceoff is one with more and more profound implications not only for Trump however for a rustic whose judicial system is tasked with holding him legally accountable however is taking a beating as judges strive to determine what to do.”

NPR: Threats in the direction of judges in Trump-related circumstances have hit unprecedented ranges.

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