Tesla sales collapse, House GOP’s Biden investigation falls flat

Republicans want to name an airport after Trump. Of course they do

The person has failed at just about each enterprise he’s tried, together with an airline, however certain, let’s title an airport after him.

Tesla sales collapse, Musk blames everyone but himself

Possibly it’s the Cybertruck’s fault.

Biden’s new ad on abortion: ‘Donald Trump doesn’t trust women. I do’

As a result of it’s essential to recollect who’s liable for ending abortion rights.

Cartoon: The dirty food dilemma

There’s no simple reply.

GOP House digs for new Biden dirt as sawdust ‘cocaine’ and Russian moles fail

They’re throwing all types of allegations on the wall, praying one thing will really stick.

Watch Trump slam mail voting 19 times—as the GOP prays he’ll stop

You need to see it to imagine it. 

How Democrats plan to end 30 years of GOP rule in Pennsylvania’s Senate

They only may pull it off! 

Arizona ballot measure to guarantee abortion rights has 500,000 signatures

Newsflash: Abortion rights are standard in Arizona too.

Cartoon: Truth?

They are saying to take it with a grain of salt.

Biden’s opened over 100 campaign offices. Trump? Seems like zero

Apparently, Trump is just too busy preventing in court docket and promoting Bibles to open up these marketing campaign workplaces.

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