4 Reasons Why Your Dog Might be Obsessed with Biting Feet

Each canine proprietor is aware of that canines can have some odd behaviors. These embrace handing over circles earlier than mendacity down, consuming grass, burying or hiding treats, and getting the zoomies.

Whereas these habits could seem quirky to us, there are causes behind their actions. Nipping or biting individuals’s toes is one other seemingly uncommon behavior. However there are explanations to assist us perceive why they do that. Listed here are some useful issues to learn about this widespread canine habits. 

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1. Herding Intuition

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The intuition to herd is powerful in sure breeds, corresponding to Australian shepherds, corgis, sheepdogs, and border collies. Breeders have bred canines for a few years to herd animals, however canines typically apply that habits to people. 

Why Do Herding Canines Chunk Ankles?

Your canine sees their human household as something to herd, so that they nip at your toes or ankles in an try and herd you an identical manner they’d do to livestock. 

How Do I Get My Canine to Cease Herding Me?

Don’t reply with wincing or different sounds as a result of that may encourage your canine to proceed. For the reason that herding intuition usually happens throughout strolling, cease shifting when your canine begins biting.

2. Type of Play

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Most canines like to play, and biting or nipping throughout playtime might be enjoyable and amusing to them.

Why Does my Canine Chunk my Ft Whereas Enjoying?

Canines be taught and explore by using their mouths. That is very true in the course of the lifetime of a pet. Of their pleasure, they naturally use their mouths to play chunk, and so they particularly love to do that to toes and ankles. 

When the biting begins throughout playtime — cease enjoying together with your canine till they stop biting. As soon as that occurs, reward them with certainly one of their favourite toys. Their focus will develop into redirected towards having fun with the toy. 

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3. Aggression

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Biting, even foot or ankle biting, could be a signal of aggression. It’s essential to find out in case your canine is being playful or not. 

Why Does my Canine Aggressively Chunk Ft?

In the event that they really feel threatened, fearful, or anxious, a canine may aggressively chunk as a type of protection. For some canines, toes, ankles, or decrease legs are near their degree and make simple targets. In case your canine growls, snarls, or snaps when biting, it is best to take it seriously

In case your canine is displaying aggressive biting, it is best to carry them to your vet. It’s essential to rule out medical causes because the trigger. If it’s not medically based mostly, some skilled coaching might be so as. 

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4. Boredom

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Boredom can result in destructive or harmful behaviors in canines. Pacing, barking, and licking their very own paws are just a few actions they do when bored. Nipping at toes is one other.

Why Does Boredom Result in Biting?

A lack of stimulation will trigger a canine to hunt out methods to amuse themselves. Boredom also can set off anxiousness in canines, which might present itself in biting. Not solely can toes develop into the goal of a bored or anxious canine, so can your furnishings. Canines have been recognized to chew on rugs, couches, and extra in an effort to alleviate boredom. 

Fairly merely, give them extra consideration and train. Occurring a stroll, chasing a ball, or just spending time enjoying will have interaction their thoughts and physique. 

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Vital Issues to Hold in Thoughts About Canine Biting

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Like with any canine habits you’d like to alter, positive reinforcement is a robust and efficient software. The identical is true in regard to this irritating behavior. 

How Do You Redirect a Canine’s Biting Habits?

Telling your canine “no,” shifting your toes away from them, or ending your interplay with them once they chunk — are methods to cease the habits because it’s occurring. Observe up with a deal with or reward so that they construct a constructive affiliation.   

Adverse reinforcement, corresponding to yelling, hitting, or spraying your dog with water, is not recommended for coaching your canine. Whereas it could cease the biting for the time being, your canine might develop worry or aggression towards you.

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